Thursday, 31 December 2015

It's 2016

What a year its been! I've had the best year and probably you have too. Auditioned for so many shows. Billy Elliot,Wizard Of Oz, High School Musical, and a film. Performed in my dance shows too. Found out that I'm going to have another cousin(which is due in February.)My auntie is in engaged and I'm looking forward for the wedding. I had two very fun holidays this year with my family. It was a wonderful Christmas with my whole family. The week before I went Center Parcs which was AMAZING and my birthday was in November. Times there was laughter other times there was crying but thats what happens and you can't make it not happen. Happy New Year and hopefully you have the best year ever and make sure don't give up on what you fail this year. Hopefully your year goes good and it goes how you want it.

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