About Me

Hi my names Ellie I'm 9 years old and I live in Essex. I like fashion beauty and more.I go dancing 3 times a week and do lots of shows for my dace school. I've done lots of audition billy Elliot (in west end),wizard of oz (I got into that) and jack and the bean stalk.I'm a girly girl and I love dresses, shoes, make up, hair stuff and I LOVE LOVE nails.


I'm smart, I work really hard and I don't give up.I go center parcs nearly every year its really FUN. I go elf school in center parcs and theres a massive swimming pool and theres a slide called the Rapids and theres a new slide called Tropical cyclone.I haven't been on that one before.


This is at center parcs

I was at  elf school.

I learn the piano every Sunday mostly anyway. I've learnt see you again and all of me. I enjoy Christmas its alot of fun with all the decorations Christmas tree all the presents (I get lot of presents.) My nan got a new dog not to long ago hes adorable he's called Alfie. My nan has two more pets there cats the first one is called Casper hes the older one (hes cute) and the other one is called Tiger hes the smaller one (hes lovable.)


Last year me, my nan,my grandad and my cousin Kelly went to camp bestival. It was a really big experience because the loo's they were the worst.They were the most smellest loo's EVER!. The second one is sleeping in a tent all night. All you could hear was BANG BANG BANG but it was a laugh and there was alot to do.


I love Easter because all the chocolate you can eat. My nan made a Easter egg hunt in the morning.She hid little bags of chocolate eggs.Halloween is fun I like to scare everyone I'm normally a vampire. I get lots of sweets and they take  along time to eat. Not along time ago I went to the tower of London. There was a big stair case going to the top. We was so tied when we was up at the top but we didn't think we have to go back down.I had a picture done with a solder. This is a lovey life so far all the things I get up to.


Hope you like my next post.